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Kit includes: 1 Protective Cork Mask + 1 removable sterile filter

Masks made of Cork, reusable and adjustable. Naturally, cork is waterproof, antibacterial, ecological and washable. They have a removable filter bag. Filters can be purchased later at any pharmacy or supermarket.

Our masks are an individual physical barrier. Protecting against the inhalation of droplets transmitted from a short distance and minimizing the risk of contamination of the environment by containing respiratory particles.

Other equally relevant measures must be adopted, such as:

• hand hygiene with soap and water
• respiratory tag
• disinfection before and after using masks

Instructions for use: Wash hands or disinfect before and after each use. Place the filter that follows along the inside of the mask, take the mask by the elastic and adjust it to the face. After use, the filter must be placed in the trash and the mask disinfected with alcohol, washed with soap or placed in the washing machine at 60 degrees.

The filter must be replaced whenever it becomes wet or after each use, not exceeding 4 hours.

Washing / Disinfection Instructions: The mask can be machine washed at 60 degrees, with soap and water or just disinfected.

This fashion accessory is not a medical device.

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